Mount Belford Climb II

	Northwest Slopes II from South Winfield Trailhead
        Elevation - 14,197ft
        Mountain Range - Sawatch
        Colorado Ranking - 18

July 25, 2010. Back in 2008, Eric and I had attempted Belford and Oxford together. We summitted Belford, but bad weather kept us from summitting Oxford. So, it was time to give it another try, which meant summitting Belford once again to get to Oxford. This time, Eric's friend Agust was with us. Belford would be conquered once again!!!

Camp near trailhead

Eric and Agust on the trail

Mountain stream along the trail

Base camp around 11,200ft

Old mining cabin near base camp

Eric nearing the summit

Eric on the Summit

Atop Mount Belford (for the second time) - 14,197ft