"The mountains are calling and I must go." John Muir

Along with your Backpack, hiking boots, tent, and sleeping bag you should pack the following:


            1)  Extra Food
            2)  Water/Purifier/Containers
            3)  Compass and Map
            4)  First Aide kit
            5)  Matches/Firestarter
	    6)  Pocket Knife
            7)  Sun Glasses
            8)  Sun Screen
	    9)  Toilet paper and Trowel
	    10) Cooking supplies
                   a. Lightweight Stove and fuel
                   b. Cook ware
                   c. Lexan Spoon
            11) Insect Repellent
            12) Extra Clothing
                   a. Socks
                   b. Underwear 
                   c. Lightweight Thermal top/bottom
                   d. Hiking Shorts/Pants
                   e. Outer Shell (Parka or Jacket) 
                   f. Rain Gear (Parka/Poncho)
            13) Flashlight/Headlamp and extra batteries
            14) Whistle   	 

Additional Gear:

	    1)  Sleeping Pad
            2)  Walking Staff
            3)  Pack Rain Cover
            4)  Camera & extra film/batteries
            5)  Bandana
            6)  Rope
            7)  Pack Towel
            8)  Candle Latern & extra candles
            9)  Binoculars
            10) Duct Tape
            11) Trash Bag
            12) Zip Lock Bags 

Recent Adventures

Summit shots from my most recent climbs. On top of Mount Bleford, Mount Oxford and Mount Columbia.