Grays Peak Climb

	North Slopes II from Stevens Gulch Trailhead
        Elevation - 14,270ft
        Mountain Range - Front
        Colorado Ranking - 9 

Once again it was late July and time to head back to Colorado! My son Eric, Jason and I would be attempting to climb Grays Peak and Torreys Peak, summitting Grays first, then traversing the saddle over to and up Torreys. We left early on July 29, 2007 and made the trailhead before sunset. We took Jason camper with us this time so base camp was really nice! Grays Peak is located just a few miles south of I70 just west of Denver, Colorado.
At about 06:00 we were up and hitting the trail.

Eric and I at the trailhead

Coming around Kelso Mountain, our first view of Grays

Eric and Jason on the trail

Grays Peak (left), Torreys Peak (right)

Interesting rock formation around 13,400ft

Eric nearing the summit

On the summit of Grays Peak - 14,270ft