Ouachita National Forest

	Caney Creek Wilderness

On March 26th 1999, Jason and I decided to head out to the Caney Creek Wilderness, located in the Ouachita National Forest of southwest Arkansas just 15 miles south of Mena on U.S. 59 and 71. Turn east on State Hwy. 246 for 21 miles and turn north on Forest Road 38 for 9 miles. If you are heading up U.S. 59 and 71 from the south as Jason and I were, be aware that U.S. 59 and 71 curves back to the west just before entering the town of De Queen. In De Queen it makes a right at a light to head back north again. If you continue on straight through De Queen, you quickly end up in Oklahoma....Ooops! We arrived at the trail head at 3PM eager to hit the trail. Immediately we had to ford a small creek, one of 15 creek crossings along the Caney Creek trail. I must admit, both Jason and I were pleasantly surprised with the Caney Creek Wilderness. It's not quite the Weminuche Wilderness, but impressive to say the least. The trail climbed steadily upward before settling along side Caney Creek. After a quick 2 hour hike, we found a perfect campsite just south of Caney Creek and east of Katy Mountain.