Sunshine Peak Climb

	Northeast Ridge from Silver Creek
        Elevation - 14,001ft
        Mountain Range - San Juan Mountains
        Colorado Ranking - 53

July 25, 2011. Eric, Agust, and I had just climbed Redcloud Peak. Now it was time to traverse the ridgeline over to and summit Sunshine Peak! After summitting, we decided to not head back over Redcloud, the standard route, but went down the west ridge, which we soon found, was much more difficult. At one point, we had to down climb a cliff before continuing our scramble back to basecamp. I highly recommend heading back over Redcloud over this route!

View from Sunshine of ridge line back to Redcloud.

Hikerhayes on the summit of Sunshine Peak - 14,001ft.

Eric, Hikerhayes, and Agust atop Sunshine Peak!

Climbing down a cliff face after Sunshine Peak.

Old Mining cabin along the trail.