"Learning wilderness survival, then, is not only an insurance policy, but a way of getting back in touch with your roots. It can be an adventure in which you discover not only how to survive, but how to live well- whether your home is an Alaskan bush cabin or a New york apartment house. At its best, a survival situation will heighten your senses and enhance your abilities. Through necessity you will discover you can do things you never dreamed you could do." -Tom Brown, Tom Brown's Field Guide - Wilderness Survival, 1983.


The most important survival tool is the mind.
To keep the mind functioning properly, you must establish and maintain a positive attitude.


Shelter is the most critical survival necessity.
Like your own home, a good shelter will protect you, maintain your body heat, and provide a place you can identify with.


Water is crucial to the body.
We can only survive a few days without it. Water is necessary for every bodily function from digestion to clear thinking.


Fire is a wonderful source of warmth and cheer.
From preventing and treating hypothermia, tool making, and of course food cooking, never doubt the importance of fire.


Nurishment necessary for life.
A person can live weeks without food. Although the least important of the list, eventually one must eat.

Recent Adventures

Summit shots from my most recent climbs. On top of Grays Peak, Torreys Peak and Huron Peak.